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Laboratory of Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Positions are available in our laboratory for Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral Fellows, to work in the following research topics:
Development of the
Nervous System

Positions are available to contribute to our research project focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of the nervous system (see Escobedo et al., 2013; Muñoz et al., 2006).
Spinal cord

Positions are available to work in our research project aimed to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms contributing to the regeneration of the spinal cord in Xenopus (see Muñoz, 2015, Lee-Liu, 2014, Lee-Liu et al., 2013; Gaete et al., 2012).
Please send your enquiries to Dr. Juan LarraĆ­n at the following Email jlarrain(at)bio.puc.cl